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​Western confectionery (complete reservation system by each date) Please see the official line account top page for details.

Fresh cream from the Konsen region of Hokkaido, sugar from the Amami Islands, butter from Hokkaido, wheat flour from Hokkaido, organic dried fruits, and other ingredients that are kind to the body and that make you feel the season, such as seasonal fruits from Nagano Prefecture. , offers gentle and delicious cakes.

Due to various circumstances, we will be accepting reservations from February 12, 2020 until each date.

We are very sorry, but please note that we do not sell over-the-counter on the day without reservation.

​ (Only baked sweets are sold in small quantities at stores.)

Reservations can be made through our official LINE account or by phone. You can check the product lineup and other details from the top page of the LINE account. Please check Contact for details.

We are very sorry, but please note that we do not accept reservations by email or other SNS messages from the viewpoint of oversight.

​We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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