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2022 Christmas Dinner

12/23 (Fri) - 12/25 (Sun) 18:00 Start

We will be closed for lunch during the above period.

The entire schedule was fully booked.

thank you.

For a limited time only at ambrosia, we will prepare a special course for up to 8 people per day, using luxurious ingredients carefully selected by the chef.

We also offer Italian wine pairings selected to match the dishes.

​Please enjoy this special time only at our store.

Xmas Dinner Menu



antipasto mist

Swordtip squid, sea urchin, and scallop puntarella

Foie gras and chestnut millefolier

Hairy crab and bottarga gnocchi


fresh fish and cormorantChiwaebi Sweet Shrimp Bisque

Made in PiedmontVeal Rump Radicchio Black Truffle

Dolce for Xmas

homemade bread

2022 Xmas dinner course     ¥15000 (tax included)


Wine pairing course   7000 yen (tax included)
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